If you are fed up with your unwanted hairs present on your upper lips, cheeks, legs, fingers, chins, and feet then here we have commuted few ways which helps in hair removal and you can apply these techniques at your home. These unwanted hairs grow because of genetics and medications including the steroids, hormones and other syndrome accelerate the growth of the unwanted hair. Check out the methods and ways to remove the unwanted hair which you can apply at home.

Depilatory Cream

The depilatory creams are the hair removing creams which you can use to remove all your unwanted hair even you do not have to consult with the doctor to buy them. But you have to pay attention on various aspects and have to consider these general tips for hair removal creams including

  • Read all the directions and label listed at the back side of the cream and follows the directions accordingly.
  • Use the cream on the right part of the body to remove the unwanted hair whether it is on face or on neck.
  • When you apply the cream on the affected area then do not leave the cream for long hours as you feel that your skin is burning and feeling like itching.
  • First test the cream on your small area and check it’s after reaction.


Waxing is the most efficient and effective method which helps in removing all the unwanted hair. Many people use this method as this method is quite effective and remove the large amount of hair present on various parts of your body. The waxing helps in removing all the unwanted hair from the follicles. This method is painful and you have to keep the temperature of the wax correctly. Apart from the hot wax, you can also use the cold waxing. In the cold waxing, the wax is attaches to the strips and places the strip on the affected area, then you have to pull out the strip in the opposite direction same as you were doing in the hot waxing.

Apart from these techniques, you can also go for the laser hair removal technique, epilation, and other natural methods which you can use at your home. You can also purchase the trimmers including the nose hair trimmers, ear trimmers, eyebrow trimmers, and many other trimmers available in the market which you can purchase at the reasonable rate. You can use these trimmers to remove all the unwanted hair as well as trimming unwanted hair is the painless technique.